Life and Safety

Keep your family and business safe

At Back2Base, we have a number of additional life and safety systems to provide you with a complete security solution.

Smoke alarms and detectors

The truth is that the typical self-install smoke alarm you can pick up from a hardware store is often overly sensitive and unsophisticated – setting off an ear-piercing alarm every time you burn your toast.

At Back2Base, we can install a more advanced and analytical system that will detect heat or visible and invisible smoke. We also offer full monitoring, which can:

  • Reduce fears of ineffective operation
  • Improve safety and offer a much faster response time
  • Notify emergency services if you’re away from your home or business

Medical alarms

It’s estimated that over one third of elderly people have a fall at some time, and if they’re home alone they may be unable to get help. Medical alarms offer a great safeguard for the elderly as well as those suffering from medical conditions. They can bring peace of mind, not only to the user but to their loved ones as well.

Back2Base offers a number of medical alarm solutions that can be used in emergency situations to signal for help. Most commonly, medical alarms are worn on the body, usually in a wristwatch-like device or pendant-style necklace. They reduce the need to telephone in a medical emergency – vital if the telephone is out of reach.

Once the alarm is triggered, our Priority Alarm Response Centre will be notified and we can contact relatives, the emergency services or follow any instructions provided.

Personal trackers

Back2Base has a number of GPS trackers that can be used to track both vehicles and individuals.

From a business perspective, personal trackers are particularly useful for lone workers and include both a tracking system and a distress button to signal our Priority Alarm Response Centre. The alerts from your lone workers will be actioned quickly and calmly by Back2Base’s team of trained emergency response professionals.


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So, whether you’re unhappy with your current security company or thinking about home and business security for the first time, we invite you to experience the Back2Base difference.